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With the increasing cost of page builders and other “Online Tools,” it becomes really difficult for Entrepreneurs and marketers to bring their idea into reality and especially when you are 100% focused on building your product. This is where our expertise comes into play where we want you to completely focus on the “Building Part” of your business and we will do the boring stuff of designing, maintaining, optimizing and marketing of your websites/sales pages/products.

Who We Are?

Spiety Technologies Pvt Ltd is a Digital Business Development company headquartered in Gurgaon, India.

After years of developing web-based solutions for 40+ Startups and 20 + product launches – Amit Kumar and Saurabh Kumar wanted to resolve the obscurity every business owner/entrepreneur has about growing their business online.


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Amit Kumar

Founder Spiety Technologies

Amit is a computer science graduate who has been busy exploring the internet and learning digital trends since his college days. This was time when he got into web development, and has since then worked on more than fifty websites. Helping a number startups to grow their online presence, he is surely a sales pages expert.

Amit is an all around UI designer and developer and has worked with clients across several domains, assisting them in launching their products, which have generated revenue of more than two million dollars.

Saurabh Kumar

Co-Founder Spiety Technologies

Saurabh is a computer engineer, whose curiosity for computers led him to pursue his engineering in computers. His first taste with web development was at college, achieving several recognitions at coding events. He worked in sales and marketing after college, which introduced him to world of product promotion and digital marketing. Here is how he learnt to present a product and align it as per the customer’s demand, which are the most important factors for increasing sales. This was the time when he decided to utilize his knowledge and experience, researching new trends in the field of web development and applying them to his work.

Saurabh has worked with a wide array of clients, from E-commerce, food industry, pharmaceuticals and many more. He and his partner Amit are focussed towards making sales and marketing easier through online platforms.


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